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    Ladies and gentleman, I am a sucker for movies that make me feel something !!! Every time I watch a movie the first thing I notice is the cinematography and the way the wardrobe goes along with every scene …. I know , it sounds like a lot but I can’t help myself ! , I love to see what emotions it displays and how I can transfer that to my photography as well.
    For this photoshoot , the inspiration was a cross between Peaky Blinders and what the style of a wedding would be like in Italy in the 50’s . I wanted to portray story telling within a wedding which nowadays I think it’s awesome to document all the special moments between the bride and groom, all the details are worth saving I say. For the bride , the long sleeves, high neck with beautiful buttons and lace details at the back . We added modern touches like the flower crown and some strappy sandals that are very current with the times. An elegant cathedral veil that softens the whole look. For the groom a sleek 3 piece suit and some elegant accessories .
    The flowers which were done by Peridot Event Design , implied much needed unique touches on the flower crown with all cream off white tones, as well as the peach and pink of the flower arrangements around the studio (The Carol Space in Gastown) We also added a book to make it look like a fairy tail . I cannot get enough of the lighting which really gave itself to what I was envisioning.